Playing Blackjack Online – Can the Casino cheat you?

It is well known that land based casinos in Nevada and many other places around the world have very strict regulations. The rules make it impossible for the casino to cheat players in blackjack even if they would like to. If a casino should try to scam blackjack players they will most likely be shut down for investigation within days and then if found guilty they will be out of business forever. But what about the casinos online, can they cheat blackjack players?

Blackjack Games Online

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To understand the risks of the casino cheating you when playing blackjack online you must understand more about how the online game works. First of all, you won’t have a real dealer dealing you the cards. Only if you choose to play live blackjack online you will see a real person dealing the cards but in all other games there is absolutely no human factor involved. This means that no one can tamper with the decks or cards involved. The computer decides what will be dealt and when and to change this, the casino would have to mess with the programming for the games.

The Casino is already making Money

Blackjack is known for being a game where you as a player actually stand a chance to win against the casino. People are certainly getting better at the game thanks to well working blackjack strategies and more general knowledge about the game. Despite this you shouldn’t think that the casino is suffering. Online casinos make a lot of money even if players are winning. They don’t really need to start cheating you to become very rich. If the casino is good and attracts a lot of players they will give you just as fair games as the ones in Nevada.

Consequences of cheating

A casino online is not safer than a land based one. Every online casino must have a license to stay open. Should they start cheating players their license will soon be pulled away and then they lose all business. There have been a few incidents online where players realized that something wasn’t right. The casinos that tried to scam players where soon known all over the world for their cheating. Through forums and casino news players easily found out about the scam and the casinos could just pack up their software and leave the scene!

Losing and cheating are not the same

Many times you will see an angry player cursing an online casino and calling it a cheating casino. Before you jump to any conclusions it is important to understand that anyone that loses a lot of money on casino games can feel like they’ve been cheated. If you are this player you should probably look into useful strategies for your money management so that you won’t give it all away to the casino on a regular basis.


Online casinos can cheat in blackjack games but it is not a simple thing to do and it will only end in disaster for the casino.

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