Define your Roulette Playing Style

The way you play roulette will influence your results. It is true that you never can know just where the ball will end up but with the right attitude you can control your games and get a positive gaming experience. The first thing you need to ask yourself is why you are playing. It also helps to know if roulette is your main game or just a side kick. Finally it is crucial to determine if you are playing too much. This playing style is harmful no matter what game you are playing!

Playing for fun

Roulette should always be played for the fun of it. Indeed, this might be the most useful roulette strategy there is. The House has an obvious advantage and only a fool tries to beat the roulette table. If you come to the roulette game with the original intention of having fun you are already a winner. With this player style you will always enjoy the games no matter what the outcome will be. If you feel that you are tensing up and getting annoyed at losses you should take a step back and give it a break. Playing for fun means that your body is relaxed and you are closer to a smile than a frown. Check yourself!

The serious Roulette Player

roulette player

It sounds like an impossible combination, serious and roulette. How can anyone take this game seriously? After all it is just a game and we are not speaking about the version that includes a shooting gun! There are players that will only enjoy casino games by keeping a serious attitude. Their playing style matches the neat outfit they would wear to a land based casino. The tie needs to sit just right and the roulette wheel is played in silence and with deliberation. This player style can be very useful but only if you are aware of it and see it as part of your attitude in all casino gaming.

Playing without Thought

Roulette is a chance game so no thought is needed, right? No! If you play roulette like you would throw a Frisbee to a dog you are using a terrible player style. In roulette you have numerous bets to choose from and there are plenty of special versions that could make the game more fun and lucrative. Aimlessly clicking on the first roulette game you see in the lobby and playing it without thought is not a smart thing to do. It is always helpful to give every roulette game a little bit of thought. Start by reading the specific information about the wheel you’ve picked so that you know what you are doing!

Playing too much!

Playing too much is never good. Make sure to take breaks and come back to the roulette wheel when you are rested and relaxed and with a bankroll that can handle any losses.


In roulette it is helpful to define your player style. Make sure to know how the games work and don’t play too much!

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